Khanh’s Cards!

Hi there! I'm Khanh, a Vietnamese student who's currently waiting for her master degree to start in September. At the moment, I'm discovering the visual design world by teaching myself how to use different Adobe programs.

I was introduced to Kaartwaard by a friend and immediately fell in love with the idea of writing postcards to elderlies. Because my family lives in Vietnam, I fear that the physical distance would create a disconnection between me and my family. So every year, I always send postcards to remind them that they're not alone.

The card designs I made are inspired by the family trips I had out in nature. My grandparents live in the countryside of Vietnam, so we visit them every New Year and summer. Regularly, we would have family trips together in the mountains or on the beaches throughout the rest of the year. That is why nature plays a big part in connecting me to my family. However, the pandemic has posed some challenges in travelling, restricting us from seeing people and places. As a result of reminiscing about being in nature with my family, I've designed these cards to remind ourselves of the better times.

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