Founded by students, for students, we want to combat the Dutch epidemic of elderly loneliness and give people a simple but meaningful opportunity for human connection.


Across The Netherlands, over 1.5 million elderly people report feeling lonely and isolated from society. In Rotterdam, 85% of people above the age of 70 feel lonely most of the time.

Research shows that social contact is essential for not just our mental well-being, but also our physical health. The Dutch government has declared elderly loneliness a national crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic has only made this epidemic of loneliness worse. For almost a year now, elderly people have had no choice but to stay inside. For more information:

ABOUT THE project

This project was launched in March 2021 by four Erasmus University students. Each of us are members of Enactus EUR, which is a student association focused on creating positive impact through social entrepreneurship.

We want to shed light on the important ongoing problem of elderly loneliness in The Netherlands, and build a platform that gives people a simple way to send a card.

We also want to show our fellow countrymen and women that the narrative around students’ their role in the corona crisis doesn’t have to be this way.


In order to expand quickly and maximize our social impact, we are asking you and your organization to become our partner and help us put smiles on the faces of the elderly.

To highlight your generous support, we will include your organization's logo on every page of our website, provide your organization with specific messaging opportunities on our social media platforms, and even include a reference to your product in the letters we send.

We are open for suggestions at any time, and would love to hear from you and your organization.


Email us via info@kaartwaard.nl or contact us through our social media accounts!

Yes!! You can contact us directly via info@kaartwaard.nl.

Yes, you can send more than one card but we encourage you to exchange cards more frequently with one elderly person.

5 to 7 days. You will receive a confirmation email when your card has been delivered to a retirement home.

We ask for your address so you can get a direct response from an elderly person. Pen pals!

We ask for your patience and hope with you that a response will come soon. If you did not get a response back, then you can always send a new card and we will pair you up with another elderly person.

Your card message is completely private! We run the message through a program to ensure language is appropriate and print your card, but your message is not read by anyone but your pen pal!

We welcome all card designs! We do not financially compensate artists, but your name will be written on the card and your artwork will be displayed on the website for all the world to see.

Absolutely! We design personalised cards for people buying in bulk of at least 30 cards! Contact us for more information via info@kaartwaard.nl.

Skiing in the alps. Just kidding. All the proceeds go to printing cards and buying stamps. Please consider supporting us!